Quick update

Been a bit quiet with my admin /social media side of things of late , things have been a bit manic and stressful in all kinds of ways , not the brewing side of course , brewing more than ever before but unfortunately not on our own site due to some fabrication delays and our installer unfortunately going out of business …
Good news is though we have managed to source pretty much everything direct and we expect to have a functioning brewery within the next couple of weeks , yes its cobbled together , yes its not to the original plan, yes its cost us more money that our original budget ( pretty much standard for any project ) but at least we are nearly there !
Hopefully the next update will have loads of pictures of everything in place …
Beer wise i have been frantically brewing in preparation for the Nottingham Robin Hood Beer Festival, most of the core range will be available plus a few specials and a one off brew with the Cellamans team (top secret at the moment)
We will of course be at the trade day at the festival and i will be working the Friday and Saturday all day on the cellar team so please say hi if you see us !

Oh and a couple more specials have been brewed as well , Easy American Brown 4.4% and Solo Orange IPA 5.9%

Enjoy , Cheers Simon



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