New Home

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Well here we go , its our new home in Langley Mill Derbyshire, lease all signed and ready for the modifications before we get the kit installed…

2 Comments on “New Home”

  1. Digshape

    Sad to hear you have had to move from Peterborough
    But good news that Jackal and Casual may become regulars at the Tap and Growler??!!

  2. stuart cox


    Just come accross your site and have an interest on two levels. One in that I live in Peterborough and never knew you were here (where abouts were you?)and two in that I am a beermat collector and wondered if you had any of your own brewery mats you might let me have or know of somewhere I might get some.
    Also where do you sell your beers,the stout and porter sound interesting?

    Thanks in advance.

    Stu Cox

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