Hops , and More Hops

Well , today I brewed gyle 50 (gyle 19 on our own site ) my favorite beer that we produce , Casual breakfast stout ! its usual that most breweries tend to produce and sell majority pale ales but our production is about half and half dark/pale , the main reason for this is down to hops …

When you first become a new brewery one of the headaches is maintaining a good hop supply , you want the big hitting american varieties but you have little or no chance getting hold of any so you limp along begging and borrowing what you can or using the underdog varieties which whilst you can get some good results , it always seems like you a missing something .
As a result i have concentrated on making the dark beers as good as they can be and as a result , sell more than the usual percentage that i have become accustomed to whilst working for a bigger brewery .

Well today marks a bit of a change , i now have my hop contact and will be placing my first order for some bad boys next week.
What this means is that i will be adjusting my pale range recipes to make the beers into what i wanted them to be from the start , no i wont be bothering with a single hop range but rather blending varieties to get the flavour profile and layers that as a drinker i want to experience.

What i am interested in now is on how that will effect the ratio of pale /dark that i produce and subsequently sell …..

Interesting times ahead i reckon
Anyway its good friday and i need to clean the copper ….

4 Comments on “Hops , and More Hops”

  1. Ian Clarke

    Hello Mr Magician, I am sitting here in Central station Wigan. Your wonderful Slender pale is superb! I wish you all success in producing such excellent ales.

  2. Jay

    Just by chance on your pride bitter at George in belper. What a fantastic traditional bitter tasting a lot more interesting than most 3.9 bitters. Keep brewing traditional butters. There are far too many hoppy pale ones about . Far far far too many. At my local doom bar is very popular and that shows traditional bitter is still wanted. Gap in market I’d say bizarrely given the number of breweries now. Long live malty bitter and there are far too few good weakish ones about. Yours is fantastic!

    1. Simon King

      Thanks so much for the feedback , we will always brew what we think the drinkers want and there is still a definite need for trad bitters ! Cheers !

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