Goodnight sweet Prince


We have been lucky enough to acquire this 1995 Glenmorangie whisky cask, its only use has been the last batch of Fullers brewers reserve so there is loads of flavor still to be had from this beautifully made cask…

Today we filled it full of our Casual breakfast stout to age it for 6 months, this of course could change depending on how the beer develops and i will be personally tasting it periodically until its just right…

This will be hand bottled at the brewery when ready with maybe a cask or two at select outlets , who knows …….

2 Comments on “Goodnight sweet Prince”

  1. Daniel Speed


    Please let me know when this is in the bottle and please reserve some for me as i’m a massive fan of beer ‘from the wood’. Let me know predicted price for six bottle please.


  2. Simon King

    Hi Daniel , i will let you know once it is ready in bottle and where it will be available , price will depend on what size bottle of course but i will keep you informed , Cheers Simon

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