Hops , and More Hops

Well , today I brewed gyle 50 (gyle 19 on our own site ) my favorite beer that we produce , Casual breakfast stout ! its usual that most breweries tend to produce and sell majority pale ales but our production is about half and half dark/pale , the main reason for this is down to hops … When you … Read More

Quick update

Been a bit quiet with my admin /social media side of things of late , things have been a bit manic and stressful in all kinds of ways , not the brewing side of course , brewing more than ever before but unfortunately not on our own site due to some fabrication delays and our installer unfortunately going out of … Read More

New Home

  Well here we go , its our new home in Langley Mill Derbyshire, lease all signed and ready for the modifications before we get the kit installed…

Changes Afoot ……

Things are changing for us… It is with some regret that we are moving premises from the Peterborough area due to a family illness that requires me to be closer to home, priorities change in any business and we have to adapt as we see fit … I would like to thank the Peterborough brewing community for welcoming me and … Read More

Goodnight sweet Prince

We have been lucky enough to acquire this 1995 Glenmorangie whisky cask, its only use has been the last batch of Fullers brewers reserve so there is loads of flavor still to be had from this beautifully made cask… Today we filled it full of our Casual breakfast stout to age it for 6 months, this of course could change … Read More

Casual Breakfast Stout

We have decided to leave the Casual Breakfast stout as unfined , its black as coal so the slight haze is not an issue at point of sale , plus it tastes so much better in its natural state. Sat last night with a pint of it in hand, i know we have made the right decision, Steve you have … Read More

New mash tun due.

In January we take possession of the new 8 bbl mash tun to work along side the existing 7 bbl. Two mash tuns should enable us to do loads of interesting stuff and massively strong brews for the keg market and a small amount for cask plus lots of top secret wizardry going on with the process. Casual breakfast stout … Read More

Welcome to the Jungle!

Abstract Jungle logo

Welcome to the web site of the brand-new Abstract Jungle Brewery in Peterborough, set up by ex-Blue Monkey brewer, Simon King. Simon has teamed up with Bexar County brewer Steve Saldana to upgrade and expand Bexar’s existing plant and use it to output beers from both breweries. The Abstract Jungle portfolio currently consists of five core beers, listed on our … Read More